= Wiki Processors = Processors are WikiMacros designed to provide alternative markup formats for the Trac Wiki engine. Processors can be thought of as ''macro functions to process user-edited text''. The wiki engine uses processors to allow using [wiki:WikiRestructuredText Restructured Text] and [wiki:WikiHtml raw HTML] in any wiki text throughout Trac. == Using Processors == To use a processor on a block of text, use a wiki blockquote, selecting a processor by name using ''shebang notation'' (#!), familiar to most UNIX users from scripts. '''Example 1''' (''inserting raw HTML in a wiki text''): {{{ #!html
<h1 style="color: orange">This is raw HTML</h1>
}}} '''Results in:''' {{{ #!html

This is raw HTML

}}} ---- '''Example 2''' (''inserting Restructured Text in wiki text''): {{{ #!html
A header
This is some **text** with a footnote [*]_.

.. [*] This is the footnote.
}}} '''Results in:''' {{{ #!rst A header -------- This is some **text** with a footnote [*]_. .. [*] This is the footnote. }}} ---- '''Example 3''' (''inserting a block of C source code in wiki text''): {{{ #!html
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
  printf("Hello World
  return 0;
}}} '''Results in:''' {{{ #!c int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { printf("Hello World "); return 0; } }}} ---- == Available Processors == The following processors are included in the Trac distribution: * '''html''' -- Insert custom HTML in a wiki page. See WikiHtml. * '''rst''' -- Trac support for Restructured Text. See WikiRestructuredText. * '''textile''' -- Supported if [http://dealmeida.net/projects/textile/ Textile] is installed. === Code Highlighting Support === Trac includes processors to provide inline [wiki:TracSyntaxColoring syntax highlighting] for the following languages: * '''c''' -- C * '''cpp''' -- C++ * '''python''' -- Python * '''perl''' -- Perl * '''ruby''' -- Ruby * '''php''' -- PHP * '''asp''' --- ASP * '''sql''' -- SQL * '''xml''' -- XML '''Note:''' ''Trac relies on external software packages for syntax coloring. See TracSyntaxColoring for more info.'' By using the MIME type as processor, it is possible to syntax-highlight the same languages that are supported when browsing source code. For example, you can write: {{{ {{{ #!text/html


}}} }}} The result will be syntax highlighted HTML code. The same is valid for all other mime types supported. For more processor macros developed and/or contributed by users, visit: * [http://projects.edgewall.com/trac/wiki/ProcessorBazaar ProcessorBazaar] * [http://projects.edgewall.com/trac/wiki/MacroBazaar MacroBazaar] == Advanced Topics: Developing Processor Macros == Developing processors is no different than WikiMacros. In fact they work the same way, only the usage syntax differs. See WikiMacros for more information. '''Example:''' (''Restructured Text Processor''): {{{ from docutils.core import publish_string def execute(hdf, text, env): html = publish_string(text, writer_name = 'html') return html[html.find('')+6:html.find('')].strip() }}} ---- See also: WikiMacros, WikiHtml, WikiRestructuredText, TracSyntaxColoring, WikiFormatting, TracGuide