Dr. Ilan Shalif

Ilan is a Focusing Guru. He has written a few books and changed quite a few lives. You can get more information by going to his Psychology web site. You are also invited to visit his Anarchy site (or the tripod, and healthyplace mirror sites).


Aliza has been a photographer, tractor driver, the first female pest controler in Israel, political activist, etc. Currently she designs and publishes educational books


Gal is a senior programmar experienced in C, C++, Scheme, Common Lisp, Perl, Tk/Tcl, Emacs Lisp and Java. His objectives are to work in the role of a technology officer for Linux/Unix OS, networking, leading edge technologies. Amongst the tools/systems he has used you will find: Emacs, CVS, CORBA, C/C++ compilers from Gnu, HP, IBM, Borland, Microsoft, etc.


Programmer. Loves kitesurfing. Also interested in languages.