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Zipedia is a Firefox extension allowing offline viewing of Wikipedia. An XML wiki dump needs to be downloaded from wikipedia and processed before the wikipedia articles become available. For a quick demo and instructions, install the XPI file and visit the special URL wikipedia://wiki/MainPage. Only article text - no images - is available offline.

Yagitalk is a framework providing an SSML speech synthesizer wrapper around festival (the synthesizer) and a Firefox extension enabling your browser to read HTML pages to you. Via audible notifications and voice announcements about the state of the page being read, Yagitalk enables blind users to interactively browse the web. It can be also used by all those who simply want to give their eyes a rest. Go to the DownloadYagitalk page to get the Firefox extension files. Visit the Yagitalk User Guide for more details about the Firefox extension.

Treexml - XML/Xpath browser

TreeXml is a class which can read in an XML file and display it's elements as Java Swing GUI objects. Using it's ComponentBuilder and BuilderExtension classes, you can format and configure the tree from inside an XSLT stylesheet. The stylesheet formatting code is based on Xalan, from the apache foundation. You can try TreeXml now via TreeXml Java Webstart.

Xwrits + activity logging

This is a very slightly modified version of xwrits. It now contains additional code for writing a time stamp every so many key/mouse actions into an activity log which you may specify with the new command line option '--activity-log'. You could use such a log, for example, to produce your monthly working hour report, etc. This modified version is based on xwrits-2.11. Xwrits was written by Eddie Kohler from MIT. The code hereby is a miscellaneous enhancement of this great software.

Deadman - Linux Kernel module

Deadman is a kernel module which checks for 'livelihood' of any process you register with it for monitoring. If the process is killed or stopped, the Deadman module will reboot your machine. For example, I always register the xwrits process with deadman - now I can not cheat!

Japanese Dictionary Server - Dict Protocol

This is a server/client software package for searching Edict - an Open Source Japanese/English dictionary. The edict project is distributed under the GNU license and was started by Jim Bream from Monash University in Australia. This software package is mainly a functional example of object oriented programming in C++, with a little bit of other tricks (e.g. CORBA, Swig). The Edict dictionary itself and some other Japanese/related material are available from monash.